Me, me, me, me, me

So here we go and the first post is all about ME. Well you do want to know who this is that is rambling on don’t you?

What to tell…..well firstly I can be opinionated. I know what I like and what I believe in so you will get to hear my opinions on all things really. I get quite het up about politics at times but I can get equally worked up about what’s on the telly, or bad service, or just anything that catches my attention.

I love my family. I love food and wine. I love France. I love art, film, music, books. All of which I will undoubtedly chat about in future posts.

And the pics part of the blog? Well I seem to have a bit of a knack for taking some reasonable photos so I will also share those. I am not a camera snob, I don’t actually have a camera of my own I just use the camera on my phone, a Sony Ericsson Experia Arc, or occasionally my husbands Fuji Finepix.

Well that’s it for the expose on me, I am sure you will get to know me more as the blogs continue.

I look forward to receiving comments so please feel free to add your thoughts.