A walk in the park


Who’s coming to dinner?

I have often thought who would I invite to dinner if I could invite anyone; living or dead.

So here goes. My dinner guests would have to include:

Aneurin Bevan; as a passionate believer and supporter of the NHS I would want to hear his passion for the health service and how he thinks we can restore the ethos that he instilled.

Archbishop Desmond Tuto; I am not religious but I find this man fascinating. And his infectious giggle would just be wonderful to hear at close quarters.

Billy Connolly; just because he is so funny. There are many more comedians that I love (Eric Morecombe, Tommy Cooper to name but two) but I think Billy Connolly would be naturally funny and also encourage more of Archbishops Tutu’s wonderful giggle.

P D James; an amazing writer and having heard her speak at Times Literary Festival, she is wonderful to listen to. So many interesting stories of her life.

Tony Benn; another political hero with an interesting tale to tell.

Well that’s just a start for my ideal dinner party companions. They are all passionate people so I guess that tells you what I admire most in people. It’s a bit heavy on the male dinner companions, there’ll be more women at the table on my next ‘Who’s coming to dinner?’ post.

So sho would be your ideal dinner guests?

Lost in France

A delightful week was had on our recent visit to Brittany; revisiting places we loved, remembered as well as new experiences.

Here are some pics from that fabulous week.

Oh and why Lost in France….well we can never go for a walk without getting lost and this time over 5 hours after setting out we finally got back