Book ’em Danno

Another passion of mine is books. The house is full of them.

I have read avidly since I was little. One elderly, rather scary old Aunt once remarked about me when I was about 4 or 5 years old ‘That girl’s always got her nose stuck in a book’. It has remained a vivid memory for oh, far too many years to mention. I was furious then and still am.

Books have given me escapism, knowledge, laughter, tears and hours upon hours of pleasure.

My children were read to from when they were tiny babies and I do not think it is coincidental that they have moved into careers where the written word is so prominent.

My escapism is crime novels. With a real love of the Rebus novels by Ian Rankin.  I really do enjoy many other authors as well but during a recent twitter conversation I stated that I would only buy the latest Rebus in hardback and not on my kindle. This provoked some friendly challenge. There are few authors that I would be that precious about.

I love my kindle, it has provided me with some much needed variety of reading material when the circumstances meant the current reading material was not right for the occasion. Having that variety at your fingertips when you are out and about is a real bonus. But there is something special about holding a ‘real’ book; flicking through the pages, knowing where you are in the chapter and occasionally taking a sneaky peak at the end of the book to find out what happens. Naughty but nice.

So when do I read? Well I read every night just before I sleep, this settles my mind from the days events, and has become one of my rituals. On the rare occasions when I don’t read I am sure I do not get the same quality sleep, that might be all in my mind but the mind is a powerful thing, so I try not to risk it.

So that’s a little bit more of an insight into me.

p.s. for those who are not of a certain age; Book ’em Danno came from a 70s TV series Hawaii Five-O.