Tweeters anonymous

As I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on Twitter (probably way too much actually) I am sometimes struck by the whole concept and how it so easily takes over your life.
I will not be the first person to muse over Twitter and there have already been inumberable books on the subject (which I confess I have not read) and therfore I am sure these thoughts will not be unique.

A great quote seen often on twitter is that it is the only time you are happy to be followed by a stranger. Which is quite true. We engage with people we know nothing about, sometimes our interractions are brief and therefore they end up being just one of the number but with others you strike up great twitter banter. Would these people end up being friends if you were to meet up with them? It would be nice to think they would but in most cases we will never know.

Some tweeps arrange Tweet-ups. Are they a good idea? Is there a potential to shatter that illusion we can build up around ourselves? Are we who we really are on twitter or is it an opportunity to be the person you aspire to be?

I love Twitter, it’s fun and a great way to interract with like-minded people and sometimes not so like-minded people. We share thoughts on areas of interest, make recommendations about things to read, see or do. We have a laugh and sometimes share a sorrow. We hear about events before they are reported officially; we advise or are advised of things such as traffic problems or bad weather. We unburden ourselves of frustrations with work, family, friends, bad service. We let off steam. We celebrate our happiness. So no different from our daily interractions with those we spend our days actually with anyway; we are just widening the net.

What I like most of all is ‘meeting’ people I would never get the chance to do. So I won’t be giving up on Twitter yet. Must go, time to tweet……….


One thought on “Tweeters anonymous

  1. How very true Wendy love it
    I think the people that have most in common or share sense of humour are the ones that stay following. Others follow, I’m sure, to gain numbers….I have far too many followers half of whom never tweet me…. Reminds me, time for cull me thinks!!

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