Five minutes peace

Am I a morning or evening person? I have often pondered this but I genuinely don’t know; I am neither full of life at the beginning or end of the day, or to be honest at any point of the day.

But what I love is the peace at the beginning of the day, those five minutes of me time, pootling round the kitchen, putting the kettle on, looking out of the window to try to guess what the day is going to be like, watching the birds, checking on what’s happening in the garden. That time is wonderful. I think of it as my five minutes peace.

Five minutes is a long time when you are thinking through the day to come, what’s in store, what needs to be done, has the tea brewed long enough. It is like time stands still. At no other point in the day can five minutes achieve so much yet be so relaxing, reflective and enlivening.

The time only ever happens in the morning, there isn’t another time of the day in my life that I can guarantee that those five minutes will happen. If they do it is a bonus but if it doesn’t well I know it will happen tomorrow.

Does that make me a morning person? No definitely not, it is just a small oasis in an otherwise unpredictable waking time.

So it’s off to face the day and enjoy that I have had my five minutes peace. The tea is brewed, there’s things to do, places to go and people to see.


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