Is it mourning?

The death of Maggie Thatcher this week has been talked about way too much already this week, so apologies but this is not about the person so much as the distorted outpourings of emotions this event has caused.

What I haven’t heard said this week was that she had a good life and she lived to a good age. Based on those facts why, apart from close family or friends who may feel grief at her passing, would anyone else who did not know and love her feel saddened by her passing?

The passing of someone too soon is something to mourn. Not someone who lived to a good age and was so comfortably off that she was able to live her remaining days in The Ritz, albeit without her family by her side.

So instead of mourning, or celebrating, her departure wouldn’t it be nice if those people, who are not her loved ones, used their energies to think, and care, about those that pass too young, or alone, or destitute? And that includes members of our parliament who condone the spending of obscene amounts of money that could be far better directed to help those who need  support?

Let’s make this a turning point for the better. Let her loved ones grieve, in peace, as they deserve to do. But please this should not be a national grief, get some perspective and focus on those that need attention.



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