The nest is empty

So today my youngest moved out and now all our children have flown the nest.

This event made me reflect on when I left home. The first time was when I was 18 and I went to live and work in London, I never considered the impact for my family, it was just what I wanted to do and so I did it. It must have been a worrying time for my Mum but she never stopped me going or tried to persuade me that it was not the right thing to do. I came home fairly regularly and in between times she would write me letters with news from home. I still have those letters, with her beautiful handwriting telling me all what was happening in the family and when I read them I can hear her voice. Such wonderful memories to have.

Less than a year later I had moved back home. It wasn’t for me, at that time. I had a boyfriend back at home and I thought that was more important. How foolish I was.

I then left home again about a year later to move in with said boyfriend to a tiny flat. I arranged it all in secret, not telling my family until I left, as I knew they would not approve of me living in sin! I was right. My father was livid and refused to allow that boyfriend back in the family home for some time. I hurt my parents by doing that, it was a misguided and immature idea. But the power of love from your parents can forgive so much and I am glad to say that relationships were repaired.

Eventually though after splitting up with that boyfriend and moving house I eventually bought my first home, a nice terraced house. I was on the property ladder at a young age. An independent woman. I still lived less than 20 miles from the family home so got to see them very regularly. It was not a happy time though with traumatic lovelife and then my Dad dying. So when I got the opportunity to move away with work, I jumped at it. This was when the realisation I had truly flown the nest must have hit my Mum.

I still remember the day before I moved; Mum and my sister came to help me pack and when it came time for them to leave Mum was crying. I couldn’t understand why.

I understand now.

And I am pleased that my daughters are both independent women, doing what they want to do and knowing that they have a home to come to, wherever we are in the years to come.


2 thoughts on “The nest is empty

  1. Such a wise and lovely blog Wendy. I left home and moved to London at 19 and remember to this day my Dad saying, ‘can’t you just commute in?’
    You’re right it’s so hard on them but their love is unconditional and amazing for that.
    Bit teary here. Thank you. xx

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