Gorgeous George and the pair of knees

After a fabulous 11 days in France in the most atrocious weather imaginable for the end of May we returned happy, tired and still full of all the excitement that we set off with nearly 2 weeks ago.

The scenery in the Languedoc even under leaden skies was amazing Image

with clouds sitting below the peaks looking like someone had set fire to the hillside. And the most stunning rainbows virtually every evening as the rain decided to take a break for the evening, to recharge the clouds ready for the next day.Image

We visited the beautiful town of Ceret, home for a short while to Picasso and met a man who as a young toddler used to sit on Picasso’s knee. We saw the beautiful, awe-inspiring sight of Canigou in the Pyrenees (the pair of knees).Image

We drove the scary hairpin bends round by the Gorges de St Georges (Gorgeous George) and over the Pyrenees to the Image where the wind was wild and snow was on the ground and we froze as we posed for photos with snowballs.Image

In between times we ate the most wonderful meals for ridiculously cheap prices and drank delicious local red wines.

On one memorable day we took the One Euro train to Carcassonne, from a train station that looked neglected but was part of an amazing network of clean trains,  to revisit the town that had so many memories for us, many, many happy ones and some life-changing ones.

We visited the old city and wandered round with the many tourists and marvelled again that such an amazing site was open and free to all to visit day and night. Image

In the lower city I had the best ever Chocolat Chaud Grand Mere, which was like drinking molten chocolate. Pure unadulterated heaven.

We strolled down innocuous streets and found the most incredible architecture ImageImage

In other places we saw wonderous ceilings in churches Image

and flowers that made you smileImageImageImage

Then there were the days when we spotted more ludicrous road names to add to our collection which started with Rue Barbe and was swiftly joined by Rue de le Gaffe. A mistake if ever there was one 🙂

We met delightful people, the lovely old lady who sat on the seat behind us on the train with her tiny dog. The best bus driver ever, a very funny woman, who chatted with all the passengers and who even let 3 people travel for free as they were unable to get a ticket and she couldn’t take money. A rare generous and kind gesture.

It was a wonderful time especially seeing Gorgeous George and the pair of knees.


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