One of my heroes

One of my greatest heroes is Aneurin (Nye) Bevan who established the NHS, without his drive and determination I dread to think about the state of the nations health. I do, however, believe that Nye would be spinning in his grave at the bureacratic way in which the NHS is run, that the focus on healthcare seems to be the management of administration rather than the administration of care.

So much has been written and said about the NHS over the past years some good and some shockingly awful but the stark facts are without an NHS there would have been far more shockingly awful things going on with the least able suffering the most. This does not in any way condone the horrendous stuff that has happened, on the contrary it should be an absolute minimum that caring and compassion should be the mainstay supporting top quality treatment within the NHS and poor practice should never be accepted or hidden.

In my world we should honour the principles of the NHS that Nye Bevan was so passionate about, stop trying to make money from poor health, nurture a healthy society and reap the rewards from all the benefits that will bring.

My dream is that one day, very soon, we will be able to stop Nye spinning in his grave.




I met a friend yesterday for a quick drink after work, we had a good natter, catching up on what had been happening to us since we last spoke, a bit of a giggle, made tentertive plans to meet up for a shopping trip and maybe visit another friend when his business venture opens. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Not really stuff of gripping blogs. Except for me it felt extraordinary; this good friend is an ex-colleague and is half my age, just a couple of years older than my daughter. I do question sometimes what makes us good friends and I do not know, we just get on. 

Age somehow seems a material factor for most friendships, the commonalities that brought you together in the first place are generally life events; school, relationships, children etc which usually means people of similar age groups.

I don’t have a huge circle of friends; I am a lazy person when it comes to ‘keeping in touch’. Partly that is also through a bit of choice, I feel that I don’t need lots of friends. Those I have are easy to keep up with and make me happy.

My closest friend is from school, we met when we were 11 years old and used to sit beside each other in Maths. We have supported each other through relationships, marriages, births and deaths. Always on the end of the phone whenever we need each other. A true friend, never judgemental, always supportive, and gives good advice when needed. It has not always been an easy ride, we have fallen out but never once have we not just carried on being there for each other; any disagreements are quickly forgotten and never harboured.

Other friends come and go; partly as I have said before due to my poor ‘keeping in touch’ skills, other times due to sudden realisation that they are not adding any joy to my life or me to theirs, or perhaps we have just changed direction. 

Then there are the twitter friends, people I may never have met, and probably may never meet but who you can have a laugh with, share thoughts on all sorts of things from TV, books, films or just inane things.

My life has been enhanced by friends, whether they are transient, cyber or long time. Each one has added something or taught me something, good or bad, that has made me the person I am today.