A moving experience

8:30am Saturday morning and we pitched up at the van rental yard to pick up the LWB van which we were going to use to move our girls stuff to their new flat. I chickened out of being the named driver and gave that honour to Mr D. I am normally quite happy to drive anything but did not want the responsibility of being behind the wheel of this big beast for the next couple of days.

After getting home and fortifying ourselves with a Mrs D big breakfast we started the task of loading the already dismantled furniture. We shifted the double bed, wardrobe as well as a multitude of boxes and black sacks into the van. We must have climbed the equivalent of halfway up the Eifel Tower by the time we had finished loading up the van. We then realised that, despite our earlier optimism, there was no way we had room for eldest daughters bed and sofa on this trip, which meant an additional journey was going to be needed that day.

So after comandeering eldest daughter to help with the lifting and shifting we headed off to the new flat where we were meeting the youngest daughter. The flat is on the 1st floor so once again we continued our metophoric climb up the Eifel Tower carrying the furniture etc. before assembling it and heading back to eldest daughters flat to fill up the van again.

By early evening we finally returned to with the 2nd van load and after a stop for dinner resumed the lifting and shifting. At one point, halfway up the stairs, the sofa became entangled in the back of my t-shirt with Mr D pushing the sofa up the stairs and me unable to go any further without untangling myself but not daring to let go in case the sofa fell back onto Mr D. After a bit of screaming, shouting, twisting and turning I finally managed to untangle myself and we continued the trek.

By the time we had finished unloading I realised that getting older is taking its toll, my knee had protested at every step up the stairs I took and my back was screaming in pain every time I moved.

We still had not finished however, another load was needed to complete the move but that was going to be after a well-deserved sleep and a bit of a lie-in the next morning. Both daughters were totally shattered from their exertions as well so we left them in peace as we headed back to our own bed and for them to sleep in their new flat.

Sunday came around all too quickly but at least we had slept soundly and were revived sufficiently to face the final van load. This last load was a breeze in comparison to the previous day even though we still managed to completely fill the van. This time I took the sensible precaution of strapping up the gammy knee to alleviate the protestations at every step up the stairs. We finished unloading the van and cars at 8pm and bade the girls farewell after a bit of a rest. They were surrounded by boxes and bags still to be emptied but think they were glad to be left on their own to sort the mess out without our interference.

So apart from learning that I am not as young as I was, I also learnt that my girls have too much stuff; their passion for books, films and music as well as clothes was overly evident those two days. Mr D at one point suggested that perhaps getting a kindle would be a good idea as he struggled with yet another box of books up the stairs.

For any future moves I think that whatever the cost we will leave it to the experts…….or will we?



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