Out with the old

As another year draws to a close I reflect on the past twelve months. As someone who hates fairground rides this years roller coaster has certainly tested my mettle. The good times have been many however with lots of fun and happy memories, from great holidays in Northumberland and France, to family times, to meeting friends (old and new), great nights out and fabulous gigs attended. Many of those wonderful moments are captured not just in my memory but also in photos taken over the year, with stunning pics of views, people and things that have made me smile.

There were awful times as well, losing my youngest brother all too soon was a time that is hard to bear and share but even during those darkest times having the love of family and friends to see you through means that the memories of that time are also tinged with a sense of joy. The saying that you only know your true friends when things are tough is surely the truest of all sayings.

So what does 2014 bring. Who knows? I would never have predicted some of the things that occured in my life in 2013 so I will not attempt to for this new year. I do know that whatever it brings if I continue to have the love and support of those I had this year to share those times with, it will increase the joy.

Happy New Year, wishing you all love and happiness for 2014


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