Like or loathe

I started my last blog stating that I don’t like fairground rides so I thought I would give you a few more insights into what I like and don’t like.

I have actually been on fairground rides a few times, reluctantly. Once I went on a water-ride at Chessington with my children and my brother in law. My brother in law used to be in the merchant navy was sitting in front of me on the ride and when we got off he told me he had never heard language like it. So I suppose that neatly shows how much I hate them.

I don’t like flying. I know it is stupid and all the facts about accidents have been told to me numerous times over but I still hate it. Turbulance is the biggest problem and I do not think I hav ever flown without experiencing it even briefly. Once on a flight back with my husband we hit a thunderstorm and as the plane was thrown around the skies, I gripped his hands so tight and was thinking we were going to die when he said ‘When your time is up, it’s up’. Surprisingly we are still married.

I hate coffee. I cannot stand the smell so much that I have never been tempted to taste it. Apparently it is unusual for people to not like the smell even if they don’t like the taste. I like to think I am unique.

I love tea. Life would be very grim without starting the day with a fine cuppa and then drinking copious cups throughout the day. My husband drinks more cups each day then I do and after weekends at home I have to ‘come down’ from the tea buzz and wean myself back onto more normal amounts.

I like walking in windy weather. Not wet, windy weather just bright breezy days, when the air rushing past you lifts your spirits and takes your breath away. It is envigorating.

I like peace and quiet. I come from a big family and growing up there wasn’t that much peace and quiet, so I used to take myself off for long bike rides around the country lanes of Suffolk just to be on my own for a while. I still love the moments when I am first person up in the morning and I can sit or mooch about on my own thinking my thoughts and taking my time doing the things I need to do.

I hate racism. People who have an intolerance to others just because of where they were born, or the colour of their skin makes me very angry. They are people, no more no less and we all deserve to be treated as the equals we are.

I love music, most music but especially live music. There is nothing quite like the buzz of watching and listening to people expressing their talents in music. I have even enjoyed gigs where the music being played is way outside my likes.

I love architecture, all sorts. There is a real beauty in buildings. Sometimes it can be where the building is that makes it special. I always look up when walking around as you can miss so much beauty if you don’t do that. London is a prime example of that, you can walk down Regent Street for example and just see lots of shop windows and people but if you look up. Wow there are some really stunning buildings above those mass of shops.

So there you go a few of things that make me happy, or not.


One thought on “Like or loathe

  1. Can’t fault you on any of this apart from the coffee thing. Coffee is lovely. It just is “like Mount Everest is, and Marilyn Monroe isn’t”. But it’s so important to drink both tea and coffee at the correct time of day.

    I cope with flying now, just, but it’s never something I enjoy. And I have been on quite a few really shit flights.

    Quite a while back my lady and I went on the scariest ride we could pick out on Gt Yarmouth pleasure beach. Neither of us like that sort of thing but we just felt we needed to be scared (bonkers I know). It was terrifying and seemed to go on forever and I still don’t know how I managed to keep the contents of my stomach down. Especially when hanging upside down at great height. It took me a good hour and a half for my nausea to wear off. Never again!

    Spot on with music. Especially live music. Life without music just wouldn’t be living.

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