Empty mind

I was pondering on a blog subject and shared that thought on twitter when a lovely twitter follower suggested that I just blog about wanting to blog but not having an inspiration on the subject matter….so here goes …..

I looked back over all my blogs for inspiration but no joy, I thought about recent experiences, again no joy. But what I knew was I had an urge to write, to share something which hopefully would be interesting and engaging. That was why I decided on keeping a blog in the first place. The frustration of wanting to write but not having a subject to start with was immense. I knew I couldn’t just write about anything that wasn’t me.

I searched for things that had ignited strong thoughts or feelings but there was nothing that I hadn’t already explored in previous blogs. I often blog about family or friends and various things I love in life but I feel that I didn’t want to keep talking about those things or even to delve deeper into me or my life. They are perhaps for another time or place. Also this isn’t about writing a life story it’s just about sharing things that matter to me.

So what is interesting? I don’t want to write about stuff that I don’t feel passionate about or care about. The blog is for my pleasure and hopefully because I am interested in the subject that will be enough to interest others that read it. It’s a bit like going to see live music, I get more pleasure from going to a gig where I can see the passion that the musicians have for their instruments and the music they are playing. Their love and passion comes through the music and wraps you up in that joy.

So for the time being I will ponder and when I get the urge to share something that I am passionate about, I will blog again and hopefully it won’t be too long to wait.