I am sitting downstairs whilst my loved ones still sleep enjoying my first cup of tea of the day and feeling reflective.

Changes in life are taking place, some imposed, some naturally occuring, which makes it a good time to remember what is important. From my previous blogs I think it is clear that the most important thing in my life are my loved ones; my husband and children, step-children and grandchildren, family and friends. Yet one of the self-imposed changes may involve moving further away from some of them to realise a long-held dream. The connundrum has always been whether that is the right thing to do, to be selfish in the pursuit of new challenges and an idyll that is held in my thoughts like a snow dome you shake occasionally to reinvigorate the beautiful scene. I don’t have the answer and will never know as whatever path I take there is no knowledge of what would have happened if I had strolled along a different route.

All I can ever be sure about is that wherever I go and whatever I do my loved ones are wrapped tightly in my heart.

The naturally occuring changes in life are those changes of just getting older, with another birthday in a couple of days as I reach that middle point in a decade. I am now going to be poised at that point when I am about to leap headlong into my late 50s and can no longer be considered to be in my early 50s. Age can be such a defining thing. I do not feel like I am in my 50s yet my body keeps reminding me that it is with those other naturally occuring changes that cannot be ignored. For all my attention to eating well and paying attention to my health, there are some changes that cannot be halted, we just learn to adapt and accept the consequences.

I like change, however, always have. I relish the challenges it brings and the reinvigoration.  So whilst I may be reflective about the changes ahead I can be sure that I will find pleasures to enjoy in the challenges so I will blow out the candles on my birthday cake, make a wish and go headlong into the unknown with a smile on my face.


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