Waste not want not

Since moving house we have been spending large amounts of our time clearing the very overgrown garden, this has involved numerous trips to the dump to get rid of the garden waste. So many trips in fact that I feel the workmen and women there should be close friends by now.

What I have observed from all these visits is the vast amount of good stuff that is thrown away. Today for example a man was throwing away some really good baby walkers, another woman a box of cuddly toys, the workmen fished out PS2 games before they were crushed as well as jewellery. The number of bicycles that are dumped is unbelievable; all sizes from adults to childrens. Whilst I understand that some stuff is useless what I don’t understand is how much good stuff that could be of use to others ends up in landfill sites that will eventually choke up the environment.

Do people ever consider using sites such as freecycle.co.uk if they want to recycle rather than dump something? Or perhaps even sell it. I cannot believe all these people are so well-off that they couldn’t do with a few extra pounds or better still the satisfaction that their items now have a new home being used by someone who perhaps couldn’t afford to buy their child a bike or their baby a walker.

Perhaps if you are having a clear out, think if someone else might have a use for your item before you consign it to a landfill site to fester for hundreds of years.


7 thoughts on “Waste not want not

  1. I’m afraid I’m one of those. A couple of years ago we had to clear 50 years of clutter from FIL/MIL’s house so we could move ours in..and also clear out our own junk. We had nowhere to store anything useful and other than what we could palm off in local charity shops, had to get rid of a lot at the tip. Had we had time, (we were also having a lot of work done to the house) and wasn’t winter, we could have had a great car boot sale, but it just wasn’t possible.
    We have now started to use Gum Tree and Freecycle, but can now store the decent things in the garage.
    Good post though, thanks to Mark @malangoman for recommending you. 🙂

    • Oh that must have been an exhausting and emotional sort out? My post was very general and not everyone throws stuff away without thought. I actually think that the councils could do a better job of retrieving useful stuff. I used to work for a council and we were often aware that things such as toys, furniture etc we’re needed for people who were suddenly and unexpectedly having to set up home.
      Thank you for your kind comments and will look forward to reading your blog too 🙂

      • Oh I agree and felt very guilty throwing away good things, If I could have just dropped everything off somewhere where people could have taken what they wanted I would have. Yes it was exhausting. FIL was a bit of a hoarder, and every drawer, cupboard, shelf was crammed with ‘stuff’.

  2. Some charities will collect items – Salvation Army and British Heart Foundation. We also give stuff to a secondhand shop for selling on, that may not be suitable for charity shops. But it is time consuming for folks faced with clearing out, I sympathise with them.
    Councils should have a place where we could take useable, unwanted
    Good topic, Wendy!
    M x

    • Thanks Millie. I used to work for a charity and they were quite particular what they would take….rules & regulations etc. Definitely worth seeing if anyone wants it for free though but agree time is not always on people’s side xx

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