Shy and retiring

It’s been 3 months since I took early (that word makes all the difference) retirement and I am loving it. My former life as a business analyst is but a distant memory with only intermittent rages on waste which I am sure will gradually fade.

To be fair the first couple of months were incredibly busy so having time to ponder whether this had been the right decision or not was not an issue. I know it’s the right decision as our life has become much more simple, more fun and definitely one where we share so much more. With a glorious summer we have enjoyed lots of walks, a few cycle rides, lunches together in the garden and the pleasure of knowing that most days we can just decide what we want to do depending on how we feel.

It’s a risk being with your other half 24/7; would all those little
irritations be exacerbated? Would we both feel stifled? The answer for me has been a resounding No. My husband has taught me to relax and enjoy the retired life. It has brought a perspective back into life, what’s important.

What isn’t important is all the crap involved in working. All that stress worrying about work, deadlines, reports, meetings no longer apply, the frown lines on my forehead are, genuinely, reducing. Retirement is the best anti-ageing cream on the market.

Life is what you make it and for some the lack of structure to the day could be difficult to deal with but if you can truly learn to enjoy a different pace of life, with a focus on yourself then this lifestyle is wonderful.

I am often asked if I miss work, the people, the interactions, the challenges. Not at all. I now choose what I want to do, what deserves my energies, the people who are genuine friends will remain friends and life always has challenges so I can focus on those rather than the false and often unimportant challenges of the workplace.

Oh and the biggest bonus? Saving money. I no longer need to buy overpriced sandwiches for lunch, no longer need a decent working wardrobe, we have reduced to a one car family…..the financial benefits are amazing. So all in all my analysis of the first 3 months of retired life is that it’s the best, with reduced waste and a more pleasant journey through life.