Dream time

After years of pondering and research and months of negotiation, preparation and anxiety we finally get the keys to our property in France next week.

There is a strong mixture of emotions going on; complete joy at the prospect of living the dream alongside massive anxiety at moving to another country away from our wonderful children and grandchildren. All of those emotions are understandable and expected.

I have already said Au Revoir to some friends and family as we try to fit in seeing people before we head off, these goodbyes have been relatively easy, partly because we have to return to England in the new year for medical appointments that are already set up and would cause potential delays to get seen in France (plus stretch our conversational skills a bit too much, too soon). I’m not sure they will all be like that though and Kleenex supplies will be ready.

This past week has been particularly stressful as we try to ensure that all the boxes are ticked to enable the move to go ahead. French bureaucracy is testing us; so much has to be in place before the purchase can be completed. Other things are not so challenging but today’s chat with the EDF man has renewed and reinvigorated me for the other services that we need set up.

One of the most helpful things has been the online forums where others who have gone through the process are incredibly happy to share advice and support. This does give a whole new perspective to being a foreigner in a new land, and I hope there are similar support avenues for anyone moving to the UK to help them through the minefield of administration necessary to function.

Well it’s back to the ‘to do’ list for me……..


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