After a day of the heating working very nicely (days are warm but nights are chilly) the heating packed up. We managed by putting the wood burner on in the evenings but needed it fixed before family arrives in a weeks time.

When the oil delivery man arrived we asked him if he thought it was because it was low on oil. We had no idea how oil central heating works so completely ignorant of possible causes. Oil man, was lovely and told us to visit local Plombiere in the village who he was sure would be able to help us out quickly.

A visit to Plombiere and we found out from Mme Plombiere that M. Plombiere was out on a job and as it was the weekend the next day she suggested we try another Plombiere. We tried but he wasn’t answering his phone so we went back to Mme and arranged that her husband would come on Monday. She was very concerned we would freeze but I told her we had a wood burner and Monday was fine.

Mr D was put on wood collecting duties.

This morning whilst waiting for the tea to brew the home phone rang, I cheerfully answer ‘hello’ and a french voice enquired if I was Mme D. After a bit of getting my head into french mode I realised it was M. Plombiere and he wanted to come and fix our heating TODAY. He duly turned up 15 minutes later and after disappearing briefly to pick up a part, got the heating working temporarily, enough to keep us warm until his son comes over next week to complete the job.

What a lovely man and I suspect his lovely wife may have been instrumental in him working on the weekend to ensure we didn’t freeze.

Another day, another warm glow of human nature 😃


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