All boxed in

This week all our stuff from England arrived in a big truck, it was a bit of a marathon effort getting it all up here but the two lads with a bit of help from me and Mr D managed to lift and shift all our contents into various places around the property.

Then the big task of opening the boxes began. What I do know is that we were not as ruthless as we should have been with our stuff in the UK. We have kept things that we will never need, spurious things with tentative memories linked to them; or just things we don’t are reluctant to part with but have no use for.

Having said that it has been a chance to look through piles of old photos again and smile, or grimace, at them.

As some may know buying a house in France often also includes buying it with all the contents, this was something we were keen to do here as the house had lots of nice things inside but also because it is so big we wanted to have a starting point to furnishing it. What this also meant is that we had to make some decisions on our furnishings, we opted to bring only treasured items; our lovely (very heavy) dining table and chairs, the church pew I stripped and waxed, the hall table I inherited from my Mum and a selection of chairs that I have bought over the years (my passion for chairs will have to be another blog I think).

The house began to feel more like home the first evening we sat down to dinner at our dining table.

Boxes of our books will be left unopened until after our family Christmas and New Year, as will the CDs, records and other things as yet undiscovered.

From today apart from a bit more tidying up we will now be climbing up our mountainous garden to locate a potential Christmas tree to cut down and bring into the house ready to welcome the family. Box opening will be only of the Christmas present variety. So until the next blog. Have a wonderful Christmas all.


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