Out with the old Part 2

So 2014 was the year I got to realise my long held dream. As I sit in the sun on our terrace in South Western France I am so glad that we finally did it.

As for the rest of the year it has been an interesting time with the most liberating and best thing being leaving my job. Having been in work since the age of 16 with only a few years out looking after my daughters after they were born, I had reached the end of my tether with the politics of the workplace. What had been such a pleasurable job, became a daily chore, with buzz words and fads being far more important than action.

A growing industry has been built up by external consultant companies headed up by salespeople who win over executives with their smart acronyms, newly invented themes and possibly a few funny handshakes along the way. If anyone wanted to know why so much money is wasted in business then in my opinion stopping using external consultants could realise significant savings.

Well that is my biggest bugbear from work but now as we change our lifestyle, I can be happier knowing that that is in the past for me.

So as we bid goodbye to another year, I wish all my blog readers a VERY HAPPY 2015 and I hope you get to realise your dreams too. Xx


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