As a slightly early anniversary present to ourselves we booked a few days in Valencia. We didn’t know too much about the city before we booked but it ticked our criteria for easy access and visiting somewhere that we hadn’t been before.  As soon as word was out of our destination we heard lots of wonderful things about it and some excellent recommendations of things to see when we were there.

Just a five hour drive from our home and we were in the plains surrounding this beautiful city. A bit of hassle finding our hotel almost took the edge off the excitement of our break but once we found it we were suddenly in heaven. The hotel was situated on the outskirts of Valencia not too far from the wide, sandy beaches. A good choice of location even if we got lost a couple of times.

The first evening we took the hotel recommendation of a restaurant on the seafront and after a walk along the wide promenade and being overwhelmed by the vast numbers of dog owners out for a stroll (at least 50% of people had at least one dog in tow) we enjoyed our first valencian meal.

The next day, a baking hot day, we took the metro into the centre and a couple of tourist bus trips round the city to get a feel for the place and also ensure we got to see as much as possible.  A compact city, crammed with culture was what we found. Stunning old and new architecture in bucketloads.





The most striking things apart from the architecture was the decision taken after disastrous floods affected the city in 1957. The river was diverted from the city and the old river bed turned into a glorious Park which from what we could see was used extensively by young, old and everyone in between.


A full day of sightseeing was had and the following day was spent mainly indoors visiting the incredible central market,


the silk market hall,


and one of the many art galleries.  Truly a cultural day.

After our final night at the hotel and a warm send off by the friendly hotel staff we decided to have a long walk along the beach, have lunch before heading home.


Valencia; a wonderful place and well worth a visit.


One thought on “Valencia

  1. One of my favourite cities. The park along the old river bed was an inspired idea. It’s hard to even scratch the surface of any city on a single visit, of course, but if you can get to visit again, especially in the cooler months, it is really worth staying in the centre. Surprisingly you can get a hotel with underground parking. The “City of Arts and Science” is a must see if only for the amazing buildings.

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