Snap happy

One of the great things about living in this wonderful part of the world has been all the amazing sights, from stunning views of mountains, the coast, plants and trees and the wildlife. For the past few years I’ve chosen a mobile phone based on its camera specification to ensure I was able to get some good photos without having to resort to carrying round a camera, and I was always delighted with the results (Sony Xperia Z3 is my latest phone). However I began to want to experiment more with my pictures, I particularly wanted to be able to zoom into areas that I wasn’t able to get to but with good results, not the pale, grainy, indistinct shots I was sometimes getting with my phone. With Christmas approaching I started to think of asking Santa for a decent camera. I thought of getting an SLR mainly because I assumed it was the best type of camera to go for but I asked the advice of a friend on Facebook, who is a great photographer, and she mentioned a Bridge camera. I hadn’t heard of one of those so started doing research and after initially having my eye on a very impressive, and expensive, one with a 90x zoom capability but which also weighed a ton, I started to look at more realistically priced options and Santa finally delivered me a fabulous Sony DSC H400 which has an impressive 63x zoom, is lighter and gives amazing photos.

On Christmas Day my photography frenzy began; first I snapped this little chap in our garden

Then I went in for the big zoom to the peak of one of our nearby mountains

A close up of some seeds on a branch
Then finally the ‘piece de resistance’ The Moon.


I’ve obviously taken some duff photos too, and I’ve driven my daughters to distraction with constant close-ups of them but I’m having so much fun with my new toy. I’ve just got to get to grips with a few other things now, confidently using different settings on the camera,  maybe protecting my images and most important of all remembering to take off the lens cover!