Bunions Oignons

I have bunions. Not grossly gnarled toes yet but they’re definitely beginning to wander in the wrong direction. A trip to the GP confirmed it and he gave me a letter to give to the specialist and I was to phone and make my own appointment with him. All very simple. 

Appointment made but was told to bring a recent X-ray with me. Back to GP for X-ray referral note. We chose to drive to the clinic to arrange an appointment. We arrived at the clinic at 4:30 on Friday afternoon.

Me: I’d like to make an appointment for a foot X-ray please

Receptionist: Do you want it done now?

Me: Yes please

Receptionist to Radiographer sitting next to her: That’s ok isn’t it, you can do it now?

Radiographer to me: Yes but only if you’ve got me a box of chocolates 😂

15 minutes later I walk out of the clinic clutching my X-rays (honestly if I thought my feet were awful with skin on, the bone view is disgusting) and without having to hand over any chocolates.

Oh and I get to choose which specialist I see.  At the 2nd visit to the GP to get the X-ray referral I asked him if the specialist he’d first suggested was the best one. He said he was very good but his specialism included knees and thighs as well as feet but if I just wanted a specialist who only dealt with feet he would give me the details and it was entirely my choice who I saw.

All this done without managers setting targets, monitoring workloads, producing meaningless reports, interfering in medical staff time-management……..

Quite refreshing.